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Studying in CELI, Philippines

By: Nastasya Taransenko

Three's a rather short time to see everything you want to see, to get acquainted with every student here, to feel yourself like a Filipino.

I'm very glad that I spent these three weeks which I'll never forget. I met a lot of different people from different nationalities and it was a good experience for me. Together, we had fun, went to different places, met new Filipino friends. Every day which I spent here gave me a lot of experience especially in communication skill and it helped me improve my knowledge of English language. The most admirable place here is - of course the beach. I am not sure that I can see such clear water in any other places.

I wish I can return here later, meet my friends again, have more time to spend here. But who knows? I want to wish everyone not to lose his/her friends.

Thanks to everybody. It was very nice to meet you guys.

My Life in Cebu

My Life in Cebu
By: Jeon Eun Joo (Sindy)

I spent a week in Cebu. When I arrived at the airport I was so happy. I was really looking forward to visiting the Philippines. On the first day, I had a level test and then we went shopping with our guardian. There were three new students last Monday and one of them was me. I met good people in CELI, therefore we could be good friends. Although we are of different ages, different nations, different classes, we don’t care about these. They aren’t important to us.
For a week I tried many things. I’ve been to shopping malls. They are SM Mall and Ayala Mall. When I first saw the malls, I was surprised because they’re much bigger than the ones I’ve been in before. I watched a movie entitled 2012. I also went to Mactan shrine park and bought a hat. On my vacation, I want to go to the beach with a hat. I didn’t bring coffee. I love coffee so I had a good time in Starbucks. Yesterday I drank Café Mocha at Gloria Jean’s Coffee in Ayala Mall. I also attended a barbecue party in Saint Michael Village in Banilad. This is the place where a Korean staff who is a friend of mine lives. We call it, Korean Lounge. I could make many Korean friends in Cebu. I was pleased with everything. In addition, I bought many things after coming here. I bought post cards, stapler, 7D Dried Mango and so on.Everything was good, but now I have a cold. I have a fever and headache. That’s why I stayed in my room all day. I think I’ll be much better tomorrow.

Philippines-Brazil in Asia

Philippines-Brazil in Asia
By: Yoon Yang Shik

I sometimes listen to the national anthem of Brazil when I’m blue. I have no idea what the song is exactly telling about but the rhythm and powerful sound boosts me up every time I listen to it. Surprisingly, the Philippine national anthem which I listened by chance on Youtube gave me an impression similar to Brazil’s. The Philippine national anthem is like a march song to me. It reminds me of my army service times 5 years ago.
I could feel vigorous and dynamic energy when I listened to the song. And both countries have some common things. They had been influenced by Latin culture and Catholicism. And so are the hot weather, passion of the people, diverse ethnic make-up and poverty –I don’t have any intention to degrade the Filipinos, so please don’t misunderstand. The times I have had in the Philippines were wonderful just like paradise.I almost couldn’t hold my breath every time I see young Filipino ladies of dazzling beauty. But now is the time to say goodbye to the Philippines and CELI. I always thank the teachers who guided me along to the English world. At CELI, I met many people who gave me a lot of influence and inspiration that would be useful to my way to a happy life. And luckily, I could make international friends who came from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Australia and America. Everywhere I went around, everyone I met with, everything I thought of CELI and Cebu will remain in my heart and mind.

Adieu, Philippines and CELI.

Lee Sang Gu Experience in CELI

By: Lee Sang Gu

When I went to a university in Korea, I felt that English is a very important subject to those who are studying engineering. Since I have passed the university exam, I have never studied English. Hence, my English skill was not improved. One day, I had a chance to think about the dream that I had. A dream cannot come true without effort. I had to consider what kind of job I will get for my plan. I thought that I was no longer an impulsive person. That’s why I decided to go to Cebu where there’s an English environment. I was able to find a job easily because there were lots of jobs that were related to my major. After that, I operated some machine in the subway. But it was a very difficult job to deal with many workers under me. After six month, I accumulated a lot of money which makes it possible for me to go abroad. I reserved an airplane ticket. I had to discuss my plan with my girlfriend. She also had a plan to go to Australia for English. We supported each other. Though it was not easy for us to be away from each other, in the long run, it’s a good choice for me.When I came to Mactan airport, there were lots of people who were waiting for their customers and students. It was a very exciting experience, I thought. I met my first roommate after I arrived and then I arranged my things in my area of the room. My first roommate was Japanese who has good English skill. At that time, he helped me with many things even though he was younger than me. Because of him I could improve my way of studying. After two weeks, he left. I was sick for two weeks. My second roommate was also Japanese but he was older than me. When I saw him, I was puzzled because I didn’t know how to stay in my room with someone who looks like my father. In my memory, he was a very sincere person that’s why I could learn the most important outcome in CELI. There was not a trick in his effort. My last roommate is a Vietnamese. He is John. In my opinion, he is usually naïve even though some people criticize him. Since he came to my room, we could converse with each other. When I felt gloomy, he often entertained me. He is like a real family to me. Because of him, I always feel comfortable. I want to thank them for making me realize that relationships are important in our lives.
My stay in Cebu is over. I already obtained lots of experiences and friends who have different nationalities. Sometimes the experience can help me like a reference book does. When I decided to go to the Philippines, almost all of my friends warned me about the negative experiences. I think I have kept my promise to be a diligent student. I’m proud of myself. There are lots of methods on how to study English. Many teachers in CELI have taught me, even some local citizens in Cebu. Because of that, my English skill is improved. I can’t forget many happenings in CELI. And my friends…they are my treasures which makes me retrace my fantastic memories in Cebu. That’s why I can go back to Korea happily.

Yoon Yang Shik Experience in CELI

By: Yoon Yang Shik (Basie) For me, CELI is a good place to learn English. Mactan is far from Cebu City which has many things to distract me from my studies. I can surely say that CELI’s got geopolitical advantages. All teachers, especially Jennifer, are good at English. I have respect for her. While watching some beautiful teachers dance, I felt their explosive passion. I want to say that I had a pleasurable time there. All foods in CELI are delicious. I’m always thankful to the cooks for their endeavour. The only thing that has to be improved is the elimination of the smell of the meat. And I also thank the other CELI staff. They always try to maintain cleanliness and help students have convenience. These are what I have felt in CELI. I just spent 6 weeks in CELI. I can’t forget CELI, the teachers and my international friends when I go back to Korea.

Korea Tour

Korea Tour
By: Lee Sang Gu “Lee”
Have you been to Seoul in Korea? Historical cultures and the future coexist in Seoul. The environment is good for enjoying your time. Do you want to taste the food of Korea? You should come to Seoul. There are lots of traditional restaurants where you couldn’t see anywhere. Do you want to experience cultures of Korea? There are lots of priceless cultural assets. Do you want to feel passion of Korea? There are a variety of festivals in Seoul. Do you want to know the future perspective? You have to visit Seoul. You can’t know without visiting Korea. You should try and you should make a plan to visit Seoul, Korea. I think you’ll never regret it.

Japan Tour

Japan Tour
By: Aya Sanetoh “Aya” There are lots of delicious foods, interesting things, beautiful nature and fantastic history. You can find these in Japan. It will overturn Japanese stereotypes. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is sophisticated, fashionable and extremely lively place. You can get everything in this city. Also, it has great technology. I recommend to go shopping there. Osaka is the second prosperous city in Japan. I hope that you eat Japanese food in this city. The customs and traditions of Japanese cultures fascinate a lot of foreign people. If you compare the cost between Tokyo and Osaka, Osaka is more reasonable than Tokyo. Hiroshima City is famous for atomic bomb. There is a place called the memorial park and museum. These historical places appeal a lot of things. There is beautiful nature. Japan has four types of seasons. So if you would like to go there frequently, I recommend to experience all seasons of Japan. You will enjoy and make good memories in my country.

Come and Learn in CELI

Come and Learn in CELI
By: Sumika Yasue

Studying English is important. Japan has plenty of famous companies. But Japanese children are decreasing, and Japanese population is also decreasing. So there is a limit of Japanese market. Everything such as working population, customers, gross demand, and the like are decreasing. Japanese companies should expand abroad. English is the common language in business. It is an advantage to speak English when job hunting. Some Japanese elementary schools have started using English in class. In the future I want children in all elementary schools to learn English.
But I can’t speak English. I have studied to read English but not speaking English is useless to business. I’ll work with foreigners. It’s necessary for me to speak English fluently.
To get maximum results in limited hours, I thought that studying abroad is a good way. I can get a lot of time in studying English, and be able to ask questions anytime.CELI has one-on-one lesson, and there are students from many countries and the price is cheaper than in other countries like America and Canada. So I decided to learn English in CELI. Cebu Island has a lot of beautiful beaches. So it is not only for studying but also for enjoying the seas. I like scuba diving. I went to Moalboal on a weekend with Japanese friends. We started after graduation ceremony on Friday. We rode on a jeepney, a highway bus and a tricycle for four hours. We stayed at a hotel looking at the ocean view. The next day, we got up early, and went scuba diving. We drove about 20 meters, and did it three times. We could look at some beautiful corals, turtles and colorful fishes. Our plan was to stay overnight but we stayed for one more night because we were tired.We left on Sunday morning there and came back here. We enjoyed the event. So there is the appeal to enjoy in Cebu. I’m hoping for happiness of studying and enjoying.

Lovers in CELI

Lovers in CELI
(A Short Drama)

By: Le Hai Nguyen (Le) and Jung Young Suk (Diane)
Literary Arts Club Students

It was a sunny day in CELI where students were busy studying English. Trang, a new student - a pretty girl from Vietnam had just arrived. She stayed in the cafeteria to take a quench. Woo Sung, a Korean guy approached her.

Woo Sung: Hello. You’re a new student, right?
Trang: Yes. I just arrived here last Sunday.
Woo Sung: I see… me too!
Trang: Oh, really?
Woo Sung: No… Actually, I’m just kidding!!!
Trang: You’re hilarious! And you can speak English pretty well!
Woo Sung: Yes, thank you. I have stayed here for 9 months already. That’s why I thank my teachers in CELI for this.
Trang: Hmm… Yeah, I heard teachers in CELI are more excellent than in any other academy in the Philippines. Anyway, it’s the first time for me to be here. I’m not familiar with the place and I have no friends yet. I want to go to the supermarket but I don’t know how to go there.
Woo Sung: Don’t worry I’ll accompany you later. Uhmmm,,, I’m so sorry Ms. Charming Lady, may I know your name?
Trang: Thank you, I’m Trang.
Woo Sung: I’m Woo Sung, nice to meet you here!
Trang: Nice to meet you– Woo S...onz?
Woo Sung: No, no, WOO SUNG.
Trang: (laughing) I’m so sorry WOO SUNG.

Both ate lunch together. They had chit-chats and Woo Sung shared a lot of experiences in CELI. He talked about the places to go in CEBU. After taking their lunch, Trang took an examination and later was oriented. It was indeed a tedious day for the neophyte student.
Woo Sung: How are you feeling today, Trang?
Trang: Fairly good, thank you. How about you?
Woo Sung: Always pretty good (smiling). What can I help you for this afternoon?
Trang: Well, I want to go to a market near here…
Woo Sung: Save More – It’s OK, I intend to buy myself something now, let’s go?
Trang: Yes, Thank you.
Woo Sung: You are welcome!

Day by day, they enjoy their company together, and the Korean guy showed the Vietnamese girl a lot of sightseeing in CEBU. They were comfortable with each other.

Bohol Trip

Bohol Trip
By: Kyung Mi Moon (May)

I want to go Bohol. So now, I will just try to plan for the Bohol trip. Bohol is not very far from Cebu. So, if you stay in Cebu like me, you can go to Bohol easily but you know, the security of Philippines is not perfect. So I need a companion. Fortunately, I already have my husband.

At first, I should book a ticket for the boat and hotel or a resort. I heard if you book a ticket earlier, you can get a cheaper ticket. I think cash is easier to use than others in Bohol. Philippines is very famous for water sports. Bohol is also a very good spot for that. And there you can see chocolate hills that became one of the 10 wonders of the world. In, addition there are very cute monkeys also known as TARSIERS. They are very small and interesting. I want to see dolphins, so I can go Island hopping. We can borrow a bike or car to look around Bohol and the price is negotiable. Anyway if I can go to Bohol, I really want to enjoy.
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